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Choosing The Right Attorney

Choosing The Right Attorney

Choosing The Right Attorney

If you find yourself in need of an attorney, there are certain questions that you should ask before making this very important decision. You can’t afford to hire the wrong attorney when faced with a traumatic loss, such as the death or serious injury to a spouse, parent, or child. It is difficult to watch television without seeing numerous attorneys advertising their practices. Typically, these mass marketers of legal services are not even the attorneys that end up handling your matter.

Make sure that the person you believe you are hiring will actually perform the legal work. Ask whatever firm you are investigating to identify the attorneys who will do the actual legal work.

Find out the qualifications of the lawyer wanting to work for you prior to signing an employment contract. Is this lawyer board certified? Does this lawyer belong to any professional societies indicating achievement and/or recognition by their peers? Find out about the past results of the lawyer you are contemplating hiring. Does this person have a track record of success?

Make sure that the attorney you are hiring has a proven track record of actually trying cases before a jury. Oftentimes, the lawyers who spend the most on advertising on television are not the lawyers that will actually try your case before a jury. Realize that when the insurance company makes an inadequate and unsubstantial offer, your attorney will need to have the skills and resources to take your case to a jury of 12 individuals. Ask the attorney that you are considering hiring how many cases he or she has actually tried to a jury verdict. Find out what kind of cases they have personally tried before a judge and/or jury before selecting them. You cannot afford to allow an attorney to handle your very important case unless you are convinced you will receive a high-quality level of legal representation.

When Texas families find their lives devastated by the negligent and careless acts of others, they cannot afford to be a victim a second time when hiring an attorney. Do not rush your investigation of the attorneys that you are relying upon to protect you and your family. Choose wisely and do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the issues discussed above.

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