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Keystones To A Successful Litigation

Keystones To A Successful Litigation

The Keystones To A Successful Litigation


Communication between an attorney and his client is an important aspect of the attorney-client relationship. Mr. White will meet as often as requested with the client and return every telephone call. We understand that the best marketing tool is recommendations by former clients. To this end, we will do everything within our capabilities to keep our client informed and up to date on any events related to their case.


In today’s legal environment, which includes the recent passage of tort reform law and the constant advertising blitz of the insurance industry, a successful plaintiff’s practice depends upon tenacious discovery. Rest assured that we will utilize all possible means of discovery to bring to light the facts of each case.


Our prosperity and continued success are built upon successful relationships. These relationships include the client, the client’s family, and Craig White. Through honest and open communications, these relationships will enhance our success together.


Winning cases doesn’t just happen. Hundreds of hours must be invested in establishing a winning strategy. The utilization of mock trials and focus groups give Mr. White insight into how ordinary people will view each case. In these focus groups, Mr. White will test legal theories and evidence. This attention to detail is a key to our success.


Numerous attorneys who refer cases to our firm participate in the actual litigation. We welcome any referring attorney to participate at whatever level they feel will best benefit the client. Referral fees are paid on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size of recovery. Obviously, a larger recovery equates to a larger referral fee.

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